Risk Management

Good risk management provides a structured way of describing your aims, working out what might affect them, how likely that is to happen, deciding what to put in place to address those situations and then putting them in place.

The most common misconception about risk management is that its purpose is to avoid risk. In fact, its purpose is to make success more likely. KCG has extensive experience of working with institutions to implement and improve their risk management processes.

The key areas where we help your institution are:

Design of a risk management system
We’ll design a system tailored specifically for you, recognising your unique characteristics and is both proportionate and pragmatic.

Risk identification and assessment 
Our workshop approach to identifying risk and assessing likely impacts ensures that there’s a shared, cross-business view of risks, their significance and potential impact.

Risk maturity assessment
This identifies the extent to which risk management is embedded in your institution and whether remedial steps are required to improve risk activities.

Risk implementation improvement plan
Assessing your existing risk management arrangements and support implementation of improvements to make them fit for purpose. We focus generally on leadership, people and processes.

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