Project Assurance

Good management is the key to success for any project; if done successfully, it’ll contribute significantly to the success of individual projects. Without it, you could see delays, extra costs mounting up and significant disruption to daily business.

KCG’s independent assurance using sound project management techniques, methods and disciplines to make sure your projects stay on track.

Project management reviews

We’ll provide assurance on the following project objectives:

  • Ensure the project has effective governance and overall management arrangements, such as a steering committee, project manager and key staff with defined responsibilities.
  • There is a detailed, dynamic project plan monitored throughout, with lessons from previous projects taken on board.
  • Key objectives are clearly defined and linked between these and the institution’s overall strategy.
  • Demonstrable senior management ownership, support and leadership for the project.
  • The project engages with users and stakeholders throughout each stage.
  • User approval is sought at milestone stages.
  • There is adequate training and documentation in place.

The assurance might range from an initial overview assessment of the project, all the way through to a full-blown project assurance audit, which would interact with the project at key phases, providing real-time commentary and opinions on a range of key areas.

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