Internal Audit Effectiveness

We’re experts at running audits and have countless years of experience, so we’re aware that everything needs reviewing and assessing from time to time — and that includes the actual auditing process itself.

The International Standards for the Profession of Internal Auditing recommend that a periodic external assessment of the audit function should be carried out. The KCG internal audit effectiveness review is an independent and objective assessment of the processes and practices to determine whether the audit delivers what the business needs and whether it conforms to international standards.

We’ve developed a five-part internal audit scorecard to carry out the assessment — it means we can provide a broad, balanced assessment on whether our internal audit is fit for purpose and that it’s delivering value for money to the organisation and its wider stakeholders.

The methodology

We engage with key stakeholders to develop an understanding of an institution, its key business processes, the risk management process and how that affects the audit process. This leads to an outline approach, timetable and deliverable goals.

Our approach is built around the internal audit scorecard; the audit effectiveness review is led by highly experienced practitioners who have extensive experience delivering internal audit services.

We feedback our findings throughout fieldwork and then report how you measure up against the audit standards and compare with similar institutions.

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When it comes to something as important as ensuring your organisation is running smoothly and achieving its goals, we know that inevitably comes with questions. Feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you might have about KCG.