Data Analytics

Do you have reams of institutional data that you know could offer valuable insights, but you don’t know how to unlock that potential? KCG has the skills and tools to analyse that data and unlock some of that value. Our advanced data analytic system is designed to accept a wide range of data sets and can provide a range of reporting suited for your needs.

The key steps to delivering your data analytics are:

All data analytics work is led by a senior member of KCG, who agrees the scope, objectives and timing for the work, and the logistics involved in extracting and securing the data to be interrogated

Systems understanding 
We gain an understanding of systems and controls in place, and agree with you the most appropriate time period to review

Data extraction 
We will request data to be extracted from key information systems and supplied to us in an appropriate format

Data processing
Our auditors conduct a variety of routines using our advanced data analytic system IDEA

Audit processes
Our auditors use the output from the data analytics work to help focus audit effort and to provide the basis for detailed audit procedures to be performed

We report confidentially to our assigned audit sponsors and provide key executive conclusions along with detailed findings and results

We develop and use data analytics plans tailored to the needs of each institution and have experience in carrying out a wide range of tests.

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