Organisation and Governance

KCG was originally set up on 1 August 2005 as a consortium and unincorporated association by the founding member institutions. On 1 October 2019, the organisation was transferred into a company limited by guarantee, KCG Audit Limited, with ownership being retained by the continuing members. The formal, legal relationship between the company and its members, and between the members themselves, is set out within the Membership Agreement. KCG remains a not for profit business.

KCG Audit Limited is a Cost Sharing Group (CSG) under the UK Finance Act 2012 and in compliance with HMRC requirements. The ‘cost sharing exemption’ detailed in the Act allows CSGs to provide services amongst the members substantially exempt of VAT and within an arrangement that is fully acknowledged and supported by HMRC.

KCG is governed by a Board of Directors, drawn from the member institutions and includes the company’s Managing Director. The KCG Board is responsible for the strategic direction of the company and also provides oversight of business planning arrangements and of operational delivery, management processes and procedures, and of financial management.

The current membership of the KCG Audit Limited Board is as follows:

Kevin Porter (Chair) – Deputy Director, Royal College of Music

Robert Ewing – Director of Finance, Kingston University

Frank Richardson – Deputy Director of Finance, University of Kent

Trevor Hall – Finance Director, National Film and Television School

Ashahul Ali – Legal Executive, University of Bedfordshire

Alan Lees – Managing Director, KCG Audit Limited

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