Students worried about post-Covid studies

A recent survey (Pearson/WONKHE) of nearly 3,500 current students looked at how student learning has been impacted by the changes brought about during Covid-19. Universities had to change the way they engaged with students during lockdown, and certainly had to gear up their digital delivery mechanisms to ensure any disruption to an individual’s studies was mitigated as best as possible.

The study found that a significant proportion of students did not find the transition to be easy and were concerned about the forthcoming academic year when universities transitioned to the ‘new normal’ for the sector.  The highlights from the study are:

  • 40% of students surveyed have struggled to manage their wellbeing;
  • 33% have concerns about the changes to teaching models and being able to manage their own time and scheduling work; and
  • 49% said that because of Covid-19 they are less confident that they are ready to progress to the next stage in their education or career.

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