New CUC code of governance

In September, the Committee of University Chairs (CUC) published an update of  their Higher Education Code of Governance.  Whilst an update, it goes further in aiming to require more robust governance arrangements to be in place within institutions, building on recent lessons learned and addressing general governance issues across various sectors, not just education. The new Code therefore reflects recent revisions to the the UK Corporate Code of Governance.

The new HE code states in the forward to the document that “effective governance requires an organisational culture which gives freedom to act; establishes authorities and accountabilities; and at its core fosters relationships based on mutual respect, trust and honesty”.

The Code includes six primary elements that reflect the values on which good HE governance are founded and therefore assist in delivering the objectives and provide the basis for good governance in the UK HE sector. The Code recognises that appropriate structures need to be in place but also that behaviours and good working relationships between key stakeholders are also key. 

WonkHe suggests that “the following actions are suggested for governors seeking assurance that their institution will comply with the revised Code.

  1. Identify where there are significant changes to the revised Code in comparison to the previous version of the Code.
  2. Assess whether current institutional practice needs be modified to ensure compliance with the revised Code, or if the practice should be retained and the institution’s actions ‘explained’.
  3. Implement actions to address those aspects of governance where change is necessary, or having reviewed the illustrative examples listed in the Code improvements to the institution’s practice of governance can be made.”

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