Lockdown generating resentment amongst students

The Prime Minister yesterday fielded a question from a student about what the Government is going to do to help students who are unable to return to accommodation already booked and for which they are committed to paying for. Also raised was something that has been bubbling under for a while now: students’ concerns about the value they are getting from their university course now that much of it is being delivered on line. Given the scale of tuition fees and the high cost of student accommodation, they perhaps have a point and the PM responded that it was something that needed to be looked at but gave no further commitment about any action that might be taken.  

Whilst some universities have introduced some measures to address their concerns, specifically in relation to rent commitments, students have started to take action. At over 45 universities a student rent strike is taking place (https://twitter.com/rentstrikeUoM/status/1346858128042844162?s=20) and more are joining day by day. The movement had 18 universities prior to Christmas but the latest lockdown measures and the realisation that student life wasn’t what they signed up for has resulted in an increase in militancy.

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