KCG’s quality independently assured

A peer-reviewed, evidence-based Quality Assurance Assessment was performed in May 2021, using an  assessment tool initially developed for HEFCE and latterly adopted and updated by the Council of Higher Education Internal Auditors (CHEIA).

The assessment tool reflects current Chartered Institute of Internal Audit (CIIA) standards. Completion of the assessment by aUniversity’s Head of Internal Audit with a peer-review of the results of the assessment is considered to  meet the requirements of Standard 1312 External Assessments: “external assessments must be conducted at least once every five years by a qualified, independent assessor or assessment team from outside the organisation”.

The peer-review team comprised the Heads of Internal Audit from three higher education providers who consider themselves to be appropriately qualified and to have sufficient knowledge of internal audit practice and the sector to perform the review.

The team conducting the review concluded that: “Based upon the documentation, information and explanations supplied to us by Alan Lees, Managing Director of KCG Audit Ltd., we consider that the Quality Assurance assessment document is a materially accurate assessment of the current effectiveness of the internal audit function provided by KCG to its client universities”.

The peer-review team assessed KCG as being ‘leading practice’ in terms of its audit methodology and compliance with professional internal audit standards.

Alan Lees commented: “KCG is extremely pleased with the results from this independent review of our methods. We value our continuing professional development, and it is so rewarding to become ‘best in class’. The assessor’s conclusions give a powerful message to the institutions that choose to work with us that they are in partnership with a top quality internal audit team”.

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