KCG meets the Cyber Essentials standard

I am pleased to announce that KCG Audit Limited has passed Cyber Essentials, a Government backed scheme (https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/cyberessentials/overview) that helps organisations determine whether they have adequate protections in place to counter cyber threats. Having this certification demonstrates to the institutions we work with that we are serious about protecting their data and their confidential information against the threat of many of the cyber attacks currently in circulation globally.

With the help and advice from our IT support partner Netstar (https://www.netstar.co.uk) we have invested heavily in state of the art security measures. We are not complacent and we remain vigilant. As new threats emerge and risks increase, KCG and Netstar regularly consider the changes and controls that may need to be introduced to counter these threats.

With the valued support of Netstar, the security measures we have introduced, and now the Cyber Essentials accreditation I can sleep (a bit) easier at night!

Alan Lees – KCG Managing Director

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