Lessons learned – integrated finance and payroll system implementation

At the request of the Board of Governors at one institution, KCG completed an IT project lessons learned review, after they expressed concerns about unanticipated operations problems which became apparent once the project had gone live.

Our review highlighted:

  • Flaws in certain aspects of project governance
  • Lack of clarity in the roles of the steering committee and project group
  • No clear definition for accountability of stakeholders

There were also concerns raised about:

  • The robustness of data cleansing and transfer processes
  • Volume and user acceptance testing
  • Staff training
  • Stakeholder engagement

While the system was implemented on time, the scale of these issues resulted in some major functional problems on launch.

The results of our work to resolve these issues were well received by the institution, and steps have already been taken to ensure that future systems projects like this are governed and managed in a more coherent and systematic manner. Industry standard methodologies will be used in such future projects.

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