Business Continuity Planning

At one of our institutions, KCG helped develop a coherent business framework for maintaining continuation and consistency in the event of business disruption. The framework was based on a thorough business impact analysis, scenario planning and plan implementation.

During a routine disaster recovery IT audit, it was clear that while the institution had some plans in place, their original approach was disjointed, increasing the risk that key operational activities might not be recovered or put back in place within an acceptable timeframe.

The institution carried out work of its own to correct this, but it fell short in developing implementable plans that could be invoked quickly or efficiently, based on business impact assessments and key staff resourced and activities not being adequately identified.

KCG provided information from the business continuity community to aid the further development of their business continuity plans. This information was well received by the project lead and will now form the basis of the ongoing project to address this key institutional risk

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