Academic Calendar Restructure

Our review of an attempted restructure of an academic calendar for one of our institutions focused on lessons learned when the institution had looked to reduce the number of entry points for students starting their studies, while also aligning course delivery to a semester model of teaching, for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Our work covered three distinct areas:

  • Project governance
  • Communication and implementation
  • Engaging with academic and registry staff

We also considered the impact of the changes on student recruitment and retention, and progression on courses aligned to professional, statutory and regulatory bodies.

During this work, a number of key issues were highlighted:

  • Risks had not been routinely and consistently assessed to ensure mitigation measures were in place
  • There was poor engagement with the academic community in developing and influencing the changes
  • Project management control was poor

These factors led to a significant delay to the go-live date and left a disaffected academic community, who felt that they’d received poor communication of the proposed changes to the project’s scope and timetable.

The institution sought advice from KCG on how to address the shortcomings highlighted and how to make sure management control methods and project governance could be strengthened for future projects.

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