Client Case Studies

Academic Calendar Restructure

Our review of an attempted restructure of an academic calendar for one of our institutions focused on lessons learned when the institution had looked to reduce the number of entry points for students starting their studies, while also aligning course delivery to a semester model of teaching, for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Business Continuity Planning

At one of our institutions, KCG helped develop a coherent business framework for maintaining continuation and consistency in the event of business disruption. The framework was based on a thorough business impact analysis, scenario planning and plan implementation.

Lessons learned – integrated finance and payroll system implementation

At the request of the Board of Governors at one institution, KCG completed an IT project lessons learned review, after they expressed concerns about unanticipated operations problems which became apparent once the project had gone live.

Lessons learned - payroll system

All this combined results in significant delays to the project going live, with a number of target dates missed over an extended period. This led to excessive costs both before and after implementation. This also resulted in major functional problems and internal control deficiencies, even some time after the eventual go-live date.


We add value through carrying out bespoke benchmarking exercises across KCG member institutions on subjects that lend themselves to comparative study and which are of interest to members. The results of these reviews, anonymised, are intended to inform the institutions of best practice and to highlight how the institution measures up against what we have seen elsewhere.