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We are a leading provider of specialist risk assurance and internal audit services to the Higher Education sector.


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Our approach uses insight and bespoke service delivery that supports long-term thinking through action-orientated auditing. We support institutions by completing independent, objective assessments that streamline systems and processes, to reduce costs and facilitate the achievement of strategic objectives.

Using our knowledge and experience, we have the confidence and know-how to advise on how to develop controls, processes and systems that limit risk and promote growth.


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Our unique approach

At KCG we have taken a unique approach to auditing our organisations in the Higher Education sector.

We are passionate about our purpose to optimise HE institutional performance, to recognise individual and organisational potential, and are tenacious in our commitment to optimising future societal potential. We go beyond the expected to provide a richness in delivery and reporting that adds real value to the organisations we work with.

We are proud to do things differently.

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A client-centred approach is at the heart of everything we do at KCG. This explains why we have long-standing relationships with our Member institutions.  

Higher Education institutions become members of KCG because we offer an innovative way of sharing services and costs. We provide the full range of internal audit, risk management, governance and advisory services while ensuring high quality and value. 

Members institutions receive insights from us on best practices seen at other institutions. 

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KCG’s competitive edge is its ability to provide genuinely tailored in-house internal audit and risk assurance services at a competitive cost/price to its member institutions.  

Our staff are fully qualified and have significant knowledge and specific experience of Higher Education - we understand the challenges faced by the sector which means that the recommendations we make are sensible and proportionate to the institution. 

We do so much more than tick boxes, we genuinely want to help and support the institutions with which we work – we are your critical friend and adviser rolled into one.   

approach tile image Forward thinkers

The KCG audit and risk assurance service is proactive and looks forward, challenging institutions to improve. We take a risk-based focus across all institutional activity so we can best identify and advise on potential opportunities and improvement of services.

approach tile image Not for profit and cost effective

We maintain an 'In-house’ arrangement across the membership in place of a commercial contract with members signed up to a Membership Agreement.

All costs are shared between the member institutions in proportion to the amount of work they need. KCG is not profit-making from its membership; there is an exemption from VAT on most of our costs within the cost-sharing group arrangement. 

We charge a composite daily rate for all services. This allows us to allocate staff to an audit regardless of seniority and means that we do not need to push work down to relatively inexperienced or unqualified staff to meet company profit targets. 

approach tile image Quality Assured

KCG's Internal Audit Services are designed to comply with Public Sector Internal Audit Standards and are aligned to the requirements in the CUC Code for Audit Committees. We regularly review our own services to ensure we’re still complying with professional standards. We commission a regular third-party quality assurance review to provide further assurance to institutions that we remain a top-quality audit company; at our most recent review we were assessed as being a 'leading practice', the highest rating possible.

approach tile image Effective Governance

KCG members can play a role in guiding the strategic direction of the KCG internal audit service whilst ensuring operational independence is maintained. 

We have a co-operative legal structure and governance, provided by the KCG Board. 




Our values

We are committed to enabling institutions to focus on providing the best environment for student learning, growth & experience by utilising our expertise, knowledge, intuition and skill to strive for the best.

Our values embody this commitment and are absolutely central to all of the work we do.

As specialist internal auditors, we are challenging, robust in our opinions, and a catalyst for change to help institutions to achieve their strategic objectives.

As people, we’re highly professional and passionate about our work; our staff are always striving to be dynamic, visible to our member institutions and other stakeholders, and understand the issues that Higher Education faces today, and in the years ahead.

We take pride in ensuring that we build and maintain our knowledge of the sector to ensure that we are always in a position to provide institutions with up to date, value added advice.

We strive to achieve a high level of performance and we are passionate about delivering excellent service.

We aim to develop long lasting relationships with institutions and a high level of staff continuity within our teams.




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