What makes us different?

At KCG we’ve taken a unique approach to auditing for organisations in the Higher Education sector. We’re proud to do things differently; here’s how we’re different from other auditors out there:

  • 'In-house’ arrangement across the membership in place of a commercial contract with Members signed up to a Membership Agreement
  • We offer VAT exemption on most of the cost of our services
  • We're not for profit and there's shared costs
  • All of our staff are fully qualified, and experienced, specialist internal auditors
  • Our staff have significant knowledge and experience of Higher Education
  • We're proud of our long-term partnership with Member institutions
  • We have a co-operative legal structure and governance, provided by the KCG Board

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Enquiries &

When it comes to something as important as ensuring your organisation is running smoothly and achieving its goals, we know that inevitably comes with questions. Feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you might have about KCG.