About KCG Audit Limited

KCG Audit is a leading provider of specialist risk assurance and internal audit services to the Higher Education sector in London and the south of England.

We provide independent, objective assessments of a Higher Education institution’s operations and how well their internal structure is working. We can help improve the workings of your board, create a clear corporate strategy, monitor and evaluate performance to ensure goals are met, improve institutional behaviours and more.

The KCG team has in-depth knowledge and extensive experience of the Higher Education sector, building its reputation on delivering high quality services to institutions looking to benefit from specialist internal auditors.

Our structure is unique in that we’re a company, jointly owned by its participating members. Each of those members receives an in-house internal audit, knowing that our work with a range of different institutions provides a valuable insight you won’t find anywhere else. We are a cost-sharing group under HMRC regulations, meaning that our members are able to benefit from VAT exemption on most of the service costs incurred; KCG therefore offers significant cost efficiencies.  

The team understands sector issues deeply; with a wide range of experiences from all institutions that are part of KCG, you’ll know that our team has the knowledge and know-how to deal with any emerging issues and requirements.

We’re proud to be different. A KCG internal audit team engages effectively with institutions, optimising time spent with key contacts to better understand their requirements and to discuss practical and proportionate solutions.  

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When it comes to something as important as ensuring your organisation is running smoothly and achieving its goals, we know that inevitably comes with questions. Feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you might have about KCG.